Bottles Screwcaps Connection System

◎Connection system screwcaps for GL 45 media-lab bottles facilitate the transfer of liquids within a closed and sterile system, ideal for chemistry and biotechnology laboratories.
◎Begin by choosing a two or three port connection system screwcap, add tubing adapters and inserts to attach tubing.
◎Four different tubing diameters can be accommodated (OD; 1.6mm, 3.0mm, 3.2mm and 6.0mm)


product description

Product CodeCapacity(ml)Number of Holes
◎The additional pressure compensation set that includes a membrane filter with 0.2µm sized pores permits sterile pressure equalisation. ◎Unused ports can be sealed with a blanking cap. ◎Components are fully interchangeable and compatible with both two and three port screwcaps. ◎Screwcaps and components are temperature resistance to 140°C. ◎Autoclavable and dishwasher safe.
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