Lab Glassware

Adapters Claisen 3-Ways

◎Provides dual entry into a variety of flasks.

Condensers Coiled Removable Hose Connections

◎With joints at top and bottom.

Cylinders Hexagonal Base with Spout

◎Complies with ISO 4788.
◎Calibrated to Class A tolerances.
◎Manufactured from chemically resistant borosilicate glas.

Cylinders Nessler

◎For colour comparison of water samples etc.
◎Manufactured from borosilicate tubing specially selected for freedom colour or visible defects.

Distillation Receiver with Removable Hose Connection

◎Cow-type design having three receivers spaced 40° apart.105° angle between top outer joint and lower inner joins.

Distilling Head Short Path For Volatile Distillants

◎With Vigreux Indentations. Top outer joint is a 10/18 for use with a 50mm immersion thermometer.

Distillation Receiving Set

◎Rotating cow receiver allows four flasks to be progressively filled.

Flasks Iodine Amber

◎Complies with BS 2735.
◎For the determination of iodine.
◎Flask has ground socket and cup shaped top.

Flasks Round Bottom 4 Necks with Threaded Side arm

◎Round bottom, four-neck flask with standard taper outer joints and a thermometer joints.
◎Supplied complete with a compression cap and O-ring.
◎For insertion of plan thermometers or bleed tubes having an O.D. between 5.0-7.0 mm.

Flasks Reaction Wide Neck Flat Flange with Lids and Retaining Clips Complete

◎With large diameter flat-flange joint.
◎For use with flat-flange lids and retaining clips.
◎Wide neck allows easy incorporation of stirrer paddles and easy removal of solid residues.

Funnels Pressure Equalising Cylindrical Graduated PTFE Key

◎Complies with ISO 4800, Type 4.
◎With interchangeable PTFE key for grease free performance.

Imhoff Sedimentation Cone PMMA

◎Complies to DIN 12672.
◎For determining the amount of sediment in sewage or industrial waste.
◎Graduated up to a capacity mark at 1000ml.
◎Manufactured from PMMA.

Manifold Vacuum Inert Gas Double

◎General purpose double bank manifold for use with vacuum and inert gas.
◎Supplied with 0-4mm high vacuum valves for grease-free operation.

Rods Cell Spreaders Glass

◎Made of 5mm borosilicate glass.
◎Spreader is ideal for spreading inoculums over the agar face in Petri dish cultures.

Stopcocks Double Bore High Vacuum

◎Borosilicate glass construction.

Stoppers Penny head Glass Hollow

◎All sizes are with joints.
◎Heavy wall design.

Desiccators Amber with Porcelain Plate Vacuum

◎Designed for use under vacuum.
◎Sturdy construction in borosilicate glass.
◎Ground glass flanges.
◎Cover has a socket to accept desiccator stopcocks.

Chromatography Reservoir with Rodaviss Joint

◎Reservoir for use with chromatography columns.

Chromatography Column Fritted Disc Spherical Socket

◎With a coarse porosity fritted disc to support packing material.
◎Heavy wall designed to increase safety.

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