Laboratory Funnels

Funnels Filter Vacuum Hirsch Glass Hole Disc

◎Hirsch pattern vacuum filtration funnel withGlass Hole Disc.
◎Manufactured from borosilicate glass for high resistance to chemical attack.
◎Ideal for filtering semi-micro quantities of material.

Funnels Short Stem

◎With 60° bowl angle for precise fitting of filter paper.
◎Manufactured from chemical and heat resistant borosilicate glass.

Chromatography Column, With Reservoir

◎With 24/40 outer joint at top.
◎Heavy wall designed to increase safety.

Funnels Separating Pear shape Glass Key

◎Complies with ISO 4800, Type 2.
◎Manufactured from glass for corrosion-free performance.
◎With interchangeable glass key.

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