Laboratory Equipment

Choose WUBOLAB for all your lab equipment needs. The term laboratory equipment refers to the larger pieces required to make your lab efficiently function at its highest performance. This equipment includes short path distillation kits, rotary evaporators, Electronic Pipette Controllers, and ovens. 

Equipment required in different labs relies on the industry it serves and covers a wide range of possible goods. WUBOLAB researches current trends in laboratory equipment to bring you the newest and best high-quality items.

Laboratory Equipments

WUBOLAB is a Veteran-Owned business that has supplied laboratory equipment, and supplies, in China since 2005. Our success in our niche marketplace has its foundation in our trustworthy reputation and provides us access to premium laboratory products from leading manufacturers within the scientific market. 

We follow strict quality assurance protocols for all of our products, and we are able to pass along to you the confidence you need for your own research and development, quality control, or academic results. 

Whatever your lab’s industry and purpose, you can have confidence in high-quality products purchased at WUBOLAB. Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or requests.

Lab equipment, lab glassware, and supplies
Our comprehensive portfolio includes:

Lab Equipment:

baths, cold storage, centrifuges, furnaces, hot plates, incubators, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, shakers, water purity systems, balances, electrophoresis systems, evaporators, gel imagers, liquid handlers, lyophilizers, microplate readers, thermal cyclers, spectrophotometers and more

lab glassware:

beakers, flasks, Bottles, Burettes, Condensers, Chromatography, Desiccators, Dishes, Distillation, Extractors, Erlenmeyer Flask, Funnels, Glass Manifolds, Joints, Kits, Measuring Cylinders, Pipettes, and more.

Lab Supplies:

biohazard bags, buffers, gel stains, gloves, microplates, purification kits, tubes, water cartridges, and more.

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