Adapters Claisen 3-Ways

◎Provides dual entry into a variety of flasks.

Adapters Anti splash

◎For use where foaming would occur and be drawn into condenser, 24/40 top outer joint member on all sizes.
◎Wide selection of lower joint sizes allows use with flasks other than standard rotary evaporator sizes.

Adapters Drying Tube Bent 75°

◎Angled at 75° to avoid desiccant contact with reactions.

Adapters Connecting 3-Arms

◎Three-arm design for the assembly of three vessels.
◎One Socket, Two Cone.

Adapters Distilling Trap

◎Adapter is placed above flask to prevent carry-over of reactions which have a tendency to foam.

Adapters Receiver Perkin

◎For vacuum distillation work.
◎Allows receiver flasks to be changed without disturbing the vacuum within the system.
◎Fitted with 3 x GP stopcocks with 3.0mm bore PTFE keys.
◎No lubrication required.
◎No contaminating greases.
◎No chemical corrosion.
◎With screwcap system for gentle release of vacuum at conclusion of work.

Adapters Vacuum Straight Socket

◎Ideal for use as a vent or for the introduction of pressure/vacuum.

Adapter Distillation Thermometer Port

◎With a 10/18 joint on the vertical side tube for a 76mm immersion thermometer.

Adapters Distillation Connecting Vigeux

◎Accommodate a 76mm immersion thermometer.

Adapters Anti splash Modified

◎With two 4mm drain holes at the base of the inner tube to allow solvent to drain back into the evaporation flask.

Adapters Vapor Duct Rotary Evaporator

◎Precision ground and polished.
◎Meet manufacturer´s standards.

Adapters Anti-climb

◎Trap provides expanded volume for reactions that have a tendency to foam excessively.
◎The inner vapor tube is sealed to the top of the trap to prevent entry into the condenser.

Adapters Anti splash with Fritted Disc

◎With extra coarse fritted disc sealed above lower inner joint.
◎Fritted reduces foam from being carryover.

Adapters Distillation Head Recovery Vertical Mode

◎Used in distillation assemblies in which the condenser is assembled in the vertical mode.

Adapters with Mineral Oil Bubbler

◎With 10mm O.D. hose connection.

Adapters Drying Tube Straight with Top Socket

◎With the addition of a top standard taper outer joint of the same size as the lower inner joint.

Adapters Claisen 4-Ways

◎Three-inlet type for multiple entries into a single neck flask.
◎One side joint is at a 45° angle.

Adapters Distillation

◎With threaded thermometer port, supplied complete with screw cap and O-ring to accommodate 6-7.5mm O.D. plan thermometer.

Adapters Distillation Head Vacuum Jacketed

◎The10/18 top joint accommodates a 76mm immersion thermometer.

Adapters Distilling with Compression Cap 75°

◎With compression cap and O-ring for forming a vacuum tight seal of plain thermometer.

Adapters Distillation Connecting

◎For use as a component in atmospheric or vacuum distillations.

Adapters Bent U-Shape

◎With inner joints at each end.

Adapters Bent 75°

◎With inner joints at each end.

Adapters Distilling Bent 105°

◎With an inner drip joint at the bottom and an outer joint at the top.

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