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What is a micropipette?

A micropipette is a common yet essential laboratory instrument used to accurately and precisely transfer volumes of liquid in the microliter range. Micropipettes are available in single-channel and multi-channel variants.

Commonly Used Lab Pipette Types

  • Air displacement micropipettes. The most common micropipettes use air displacement to aspirate and dispense liquid. …
  • Positive displacement pipette. Positive displacement pipettes use piston-driven displacement to aspirate and dispense liquid. …
  • Electronic pipettes. …
  • Multichannel pipettes.

What size micropipette do I need?

Micropipette size:
As a rule of thumb, always choose the smallest pipette capable of handling the required volume. This is important because accuracy decreases when the set volume is close to the pipette’s minimum capacity. For example, if you dispense 50 µl using a 5,000 µl pipette, you will get rather poor results.

What is special about volumetric pipette?

A volumetric pipette, bulb pipette, or belly pipette allows extremely accurate measurement (to four significant figures) of the volume of a solution. It is calibrated to deliver accurately a fixed volume of liquid.

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