A guide for purchasing laboratory glassware

Part 1: Common Types of Laboratory Glassware and Their Uses Laboratory glassware is essential for various scientific experiments. Understanding the types and specific uses of different glassware can help laboratory personnel conduct experiments more effectively. Here are some common types of laboratory glassware and their detailed uses. 1. Beakers Beakers are one of the most

why use a burette?

Essential Role of Burettes in Chemistry A burette is an indispensable instrument in the field of chemistry, especially in the realm of titration experiments. Its significance stems from a variety of critical factors: Precise Volume Measurement in Burette Chemistry Burettes are meticulously designed for the accurate measurement of liquid volumes, a key aspect of “burette

How to Start a Laboratory Testing Business: A Comprehensive Guide

Identifying Your Laboratory Testing Business’s Customers and Stakeholders A crucial step in creating a robust business plan for your laboratory testing business is to determine “who is the customer?” Often, there are multiple answers, leading us to reframe the question as “who are the stakeholders?” As a startup laboratory, it’s essential to identify the products

How to Read a Burette? A Comprehensive Guide for Accurate Laboratory Measurements

In the precise world of laboratory experiments, mastering the skill of reading a burette accurately is crucial. Burettes are essential tools in volumetric analysis, particularly in titrations, where they measure the volume of a liquid with high precision. This guide provides a systematic approach to burette reading, ensuring accuracy and reliability in your laboratory measurements.


Bulk Beakers: Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Using

Beakers are one of the most important pieces of lab equipment.  They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials. In this article we discuss everything you need to know about wholesale beakers, what they are, why they are important, the different types of beakers, how to buy them in bulk and some common concerns. What are

Introducing: Laboratory Glassware Brands 2022 in the world

There are many famous laboratory glassware brands in the world. Below I will list some for your reference. Laboratory Glassware Brands in China Heqi Glassware Shanghai Heqi Glassware Co., Ltd, the inheritor of Shanghai Hengyuan Laboratory Instrument Business Department, is professionally specializing in designing and furnishing products for chemical laboratories. We are a privately operated

Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide

About to import laboratory glassware, laboratory apparatus, or other laboratory consumables products from China? In this article, we cover everything startups and other small businesses must know: Product Categories Laboratory glassware manufacturers all tend to be not specialized in a certain niche. While they may cover two or more categories, you should only be on

Precautions for safe and correct use of the oven

Maximize laboratory oven safety and efficiency with precise guidelines. Ensure correct usage to prevent accidents and enhance performance. Key Takeaways: The blast drying box is also known as the “oven”. As the name suggests, the air circulation drying test is carried out by electric heating. It is divided into two types: blast drying and vacuum

Organic-Chemistry kit

How to choose laboratory glassware?

For the purchase of glassware, the following aspects can be mainly considered: The material of glassware, the mainstream now is GG-17, which is borosilicate 3.3. This is relatively stable. The neutral materials used in the past are not so good. The wall thickness of the glass instrument is related to the service life. The size

Organic-Chemistry kit

Everything you need to know about laboratory glassware

When it comes to laboratory glassware, we often get asked questions from customers such as: what is laboratory glassware? how to dispose of glassware in a lab?  what is a laboratory glassware used for? So, we will attempt to answer some of the above questions and provide a detailed, but simple guide to help you

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