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Glass desiccators have the best visibility without exposure when drying, preserving, or storing sensitive samples.

Circular designs are most common, but Abderhalden linear drying apparatuses are also available.

The uniform, thick-walled construction maintains tight seal while the overall shape allows easy content retrieval. Fix a vacuum to the stopcock to accelerate drying process.

The reusable, glass desiccators come in different volumes to fit any application procedure. Specially designed enclosures do not require flange maintenance greasing.

These glass vacuum desiccators are sealed on flat ground flanges. Made of thick wall, annealed, vacuum grade, soda lime glass.

The top of the lid includes a glass stopcock with connection for a vacuum hose. The glass desiccators can also be used with desiccant to store samples in a dust-free and low moisture environment.

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