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What is a Beaker?

A beaker (also becker or beker) is a container typically made from sturdy glass or plastic. It often has a cylindrical shape with a slightly flattened bottom. Beakers are usually marked with graduated lines for accurate measurement of liquid volume. Most also have a small spout. They come in various capacities, ranging from a few milliliters to several liters, catering to diverse experimental requirements.

What is a beaker used for?

Beakers serve a wide range of purposes in chemical experiments,

1. Solution Preparation: Beakers are commonly used for preparing solutions. Solid reagents are added, followed by the addition of an appropriate solvent, and then stirred to achieve the desired concentration and volume.

2. Reagent Mixing: In some experiments, different reagents need to be mixed together, and beakers are well-suited for this task.

3. Heating: Beakers can be heated during experiments, using tools such as alcohol lamps or heating plates, to induce chemical reactions or alter the properties of substances.

4. Measurement: The graduated markings on beakers aid researchers in accurately measuring the volume of liquids.

Beakers can be used to hold liquid or solid samples or as a container for reactions. They are also used to collect filtrates from filtering operations as well as liquids from titrations. It is used for stirring the liquid. It is useful as a reaction container.

What are the different types of beakers?

The standard beakers known as Griffin beakers are lower beakers, and their height is about 40% of their diameter.

The taller beaker is known as the Berzelius beaker. They are thin, and their height is double their diameter.

The third type of beaker is called a crystallizer.

Wholesale Beakers

As beakers are essential laboratory equipment for chemical experiments, there is significant demand in settings such as laboratories, schools, and research institutions.

Consequently, the wholesale market for beakers is active. Suppliers offer beakers of varying capacities, materials, and quantities to meet different customer requirements. Wholesale prices for beakers are relatively low, facilitating large-scale procurement and inventory management.

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