Essential Oil Distiller

product description

Iron support(set)1
Distillation flask(500ml)1
Graham condenser1
Eeparatory funnel(100ml)1
Alcohol lamp(150ml)1
Essential oil bottle2
Erlenmeyer flask(100ml)1
Flask brush1
Latex tubing1
Glass dropper1
Wire gauze1
Kits 1000ml Essential Oil Distiller Water Distiller Purifier Glassware Kits Essential Oil Distiller kit Comes with TOOL CASE as gift and foam to hold all components.Prevent the item damage effectively Distillation of Essential Oils is a Perfect set for organic chemistry labs, distillation, fractional distillation, separation, purification, and synthesis. Good thermal stability : The coefficient of thermal expansion of glass is very small and can withstand severe temperature changes. and the temperature up to 500 degrees, let you worry-free experiment All flasks are made of 3.3 borosilicate glass that is hand blown and polished for perfect fit.

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