Micro Burette

  • Micro Burette With Side Filling Tube and Wooden Base.
  • Size: 1 ml,2 ml,3 ml,5 ml,10 ml
  • Clear and Amber Micro Burette

product description

Micro Burette

Product Code Capacity (ml) Grads. (ml) Length (mm)
B40110001 1ml 0.01 600
B40110002 2ml 0.01 650
B40110003 3ml 0.01 700
B40110005 5ml 0.02 700
B40110010 10ml 0.05 700

1ml 2ml 3ml 5ml 10ml capacity Micro Burette made of high quality, heavy-duty Borosilicate 3.3 glass. Features a straight bore, PTFE stopcock

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