Volumetric Pipette with One Mark

  • Complies with ISO 648 and DIN 12691.
  • Calibrated for delivery.
  • Class AS with +5s waiting time.
  • Manufactured from soda-lime glass with robust tooled jets.

product description

One Mark Volumetric Pipette

Product Code Capacity(ml) Tol. (± ml) Color Code
P10020001 1ml 0.007 Blue
P10020002 2ml 0.01 Orange
P10020003 3ml 0.015 Black
P10020005 5ml 0.015 White
P10020010 10ml 0.02 Red
P10020015 15ml 0.025 Green
P10020020 20ml 0.03 Yellow
P10020025 25ml 0.03 Blue
P10020050 50ml 0.05 Red
P10020100 100ml 0.08 Yellow

what is a volumetric pipette?

Volumetric pipettes, also known as bulb pipettes, are manual liquid handling devices used in many laboratories for the transfer and dispense of a single, specific quantity of liquid to a very high degree of accuracy.

What is a Volumetric Pipette Used For in chemistry?

Volumetric pipettes have many uses in the laboratory or the wider working environment:

  •  Creation of serial dilutions and stock solutions
  • Titrations and volumetric analysis
  • Routine handling of analytical solutions, cell culture media, organic chemicals, solvents, and other liquids

One mark volumetric pipette is made of chemically resistant glass for durability and precision, the glass volumetric pipette or bulb pipette is an indispensable laboratory tool. It allows an accurate measurement of a volume of liquid.

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