Organic Chemistry Kit

◎Borosilicate 3.3 ◎Heat resistant ◎Preferential price ◎OEM is available ◎High quality


product description

Item No.:K10030500

Part DescriptionQuantity
24/40 500ml Round Bottom Flask1
24/40 250ml Round Bottom Flask1
24/40 100ml Round Bottom Flask1
24/40 50ml Round Bottom Flask1
24/40 25ml Round Bottom Flask1
24/40 Vacuum Connecting Tube1
24/40 3-way Connecting Tube1
24/40 Claisen Connecting Tube1
24/40 125ml Separatory Funnel with PTFE Stopcock1
24/40 300mm Liebig Condenser1
24/40 300mm West Condenser1
Bleed Tube1
24/40 Stopper1
24/40 Thermometer Adapter1
 #24 Plastic Clips5
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