Test Tubes Graduated Ground Socket

◎High quality test tubes with a precision-ground socket.
◎Accepts glass stoppers.
◎Manufactured from borosilicate glass for excellent resistance to chemical attack and thermal shock.
◎Tubes and stoppers should be ordered separately.


product description

Product CodeDimensions
O.D. x length(mm)
Capacity(ml)Socket Size
T1005141014 x 100510/18
T1005171017 x 1001010/18
T1005191019 x 1001214/20
T1005191219 x 1251514/20
T1005191519 x 1502014/20
T1005231023 x 1002519/22
T1005231523 x 1503019/22
T1005291529 x 1505024/40
T1005292029 x 2007524/40
T1005412541 x 25019534/45
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