Test Tubes

◎Conforms to ISO 4142.
◎Robust construction reduces possibility of breakages.
◎Lower replacement costs.
◎Improved user safety.
◎Manufactured from borosilicate glass for high resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.


product description

Test Tubes with Rim Heavy Wall
Product CodeDimensions
O.D. x Length(mm)
Capacity (ml)
T1003107510 x 753
T1003127512 x 755
T1003101010 x 1005
T1003121012 x 10010
T1003161016 x 10010
T1003151215 x 12510
T1003161216 x 12510
T1003151515 x 15015
T1003161516 x 15015
T1003181518 x 15020
T1003251025 x 10030
T1003201520 x 15025
T1003251525 x 15050
T1003252025 x 20060
T1003322032 x 200100
T1003382038 x 200150
Test Tubes without Rim Heavy Wall
Product CodeDimensions
O.D. x Length(mm)
Capacity (ml)
T1001107510 x 753
T1001127512 x 755
T1001101010 x 1005
T1001121012 x 10010
T1001161016 x 10010
T1001151215 x 12510
T1001161216 x 12510
T1001151515 x 15015
T1001161516 x 15015
T1001181518 x 15020
T1001251025 x 10030
T1001201520 x 15025
T1001251525 x 15050
T1001252025 x 20060
T1001322032 x 200100
T1001382038 x 200150
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