Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide

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About to import laboratory glassware, laboratory apparatus, or other laboratory consumables products from China? In this article, we cover everything startups and other small businesses must know:

  • Product categories
  • How to find the right supplier on Alibaba or Globalsources
  • Buying private label laboratory glassware products
  • Customizing design
  • MOQ Requirements
  • Trade shows for portable laboratory apparatus

Product Categories

Laboratory glassware manufacturers all tend to be not specialized in a certain niche.

While they may cover two or more categories, you should only be on the lookout for suppliers that are making your type of Lab glassware.

A few examples follow below:

Most manufacturers are either making Laboratory equipment. These suppliers also often make laboratory consumables and other related products.

Laboratory Glassware Products Supplier List

Below follows an overview of some established suppliers in China:

  • WUBOLAB Glass
  • Shanghai HEQI Glassware Co., Ltd.
  • Sichuan ShuBo Co..LTD
  • Beijing Synthware Glass Co. Ltd

Laboratory Glassware & Equipment Customization Options

When importing Laboratory glassware and equipment from China, you can either buy an OEM product. Keep reading to learn the difference.

OEM (Custom Design)

Nearly every Laboratory glassware and equipment manufacturer on Alibaba and Global Sources are OEM manufacturer, at their core.

This means that they can make any product, based on your design and technical requirements.

However, don’t expect them to develop your product ideas for you.

Most manufacturers will not even respond unless you can show the following:

  • Case design file
  • Bill of Materials

Sourcing on and Made in and are the two largest supplier directories in the world. Virtually every export-focused Laboratory glassware and equipment maker in China is listed on these websites.

In fact, there are so many suppliers on these platforms, that it can be overwhelming.

That said, there are ways to identify those that are the most qualified:

a. Product scope: Are they making your type of Laboratory glassware and equipment?

b. Product compliance: Do they have some test reports? (This indicates that they can make compliant products).

c. Social Compliance: Are they BSCI or Sedex certified?

d. Factory or Trader: Are they actually making glassware, or are they only subcontracting production to another company?

Based on these factors, you can filter down the list of potential manufacturers to 10 or 12.

That’s a lot more manageable than the 42,174 results from 1,010 suppliers and 499 exhibitors for “laboratory glassware”, on

MOQ Requirement

Most manufacturers require that their buyers order at least 500 to 1000 units per order.

Some suppliers may be willing to offer a slightly lower MOQ (300 pcs), but less than that is very rare.

 Laboratory Glassware & Equipment Trade Shows

As far as I know, there are no trade shows exclusively for portable audio products. However, manufacturers in this industry attend many of the larger Analytica shows in Guangzhou and Hong Kong:

  • Analytica China
  • China Lab 
  • Arablab

Do you want to import Laboratory glassware and equipment from China?

If you import glass instruments from China, you have any questions, send me an email and I will help you to complete the work.

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