Dropping Bottles

◎Highly chemical resistance. ◎Made from 3.3 borosilicate glass. ◎Supplied with polypropylene stopper, transparent pipette with rubber teat.


product description

Dropping Bottles Clear

Product Code Capacity(ml) Body Diam.
B20120030 30 ml 40 76
B20120060 60 ml 46 85
B20120125 125 ml 57 110

Dropping Bottle Amber

Product Code Capacity(ml) Body Diam.
B20130030 30 ml 40 76
B20130060 60 ml 46 85
B20130125 125 ml 57 110

Dropping bottle is a small pitcher-shaped bottle with a curved or tapered neck used to supply liquids in small amounts

dropping bottle an alternative to pipetting devices, allow for the repeated, consistent, accurate dispensing of reagents one drop at a time or in a stream. The dropper control tip on dropping bottle snaps securely into place, providing a leak-proof seal.  Glass dropping bottles are chemically and biologically inert. Amber glass droppers provide protection against UV rays, making them suitable for use with light sensitive materials.

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