Density Bottles Adjusted

◎Complies with ISO 3507, Gay-Lussac type. ◎Adjusted ready for use – with the exact volume engraved on the bottle.


product description

Product CodeCapacity(ml)Neck Diam.
B201400055 ml760
B2014001010 ml770
B2014002525 ml1085
B2014005050 ml10100
B20140100100 ml10110

Density bottles are mainly used to determine the density of liquids of moderate viscosity. They are not volumetric instruments, however, they are calibrated ‘to contain’ as in the case of volumetric flasks.

What is the other name of density bottle?
Density bottle which is also known as a Pycnometer, specific gravity bottle, or pycnometer is a measuring device used to calculate the density of the desired liquids.

Density bottles 50ml

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