Cylinders Round Base with Glass Stopper

◎Complies with ISO 4788.

◎Calibrated to Class A tolerances.

◎Manufactured from chemically resistant borosilicate glass.

product description

Product Code Capacity(ml) Grads. (ml) Tol. (±ml)
C30040005 5ml 0.1 0.1
C30040010 10ml 0.2 0.2
C30040025 25ml 0.5 0.5
C30040050 50ml 1 0.5
C30040100 100ml 1 1
C30040250 250ml 2 2
C30040500 500ml 5 5
C30041000 1000ml 10 10
C30042000 2000ml 20 20

WUBOLAB Provides Measuring Cylinder with Glass Stopper.

Borosilicate glass measuring cylinders feature heavy uniform wall tubing and strong, stable round bases and a glass stopper

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