Gas Washing Bottles

◎With end of inlet tube closed by fritted cylinder of either coarse or extra coarse porosity.


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Gas Washing Bottles

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Gas Washing Bottle with Fritted Cylinder

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A gas washing bottle is an instrument for washing away impurities in a gas. The impure gas is bubbled through a selected suitable liquid medium (dissolved or due to a chemical reaction) to wash away the impurity gas for the purpose of purifying the gas. In an experimental device with a flammable gas source, the gas cylinder can also function as a safety bottle. At the same time, the gas cylinder can also be used as a collection gas.

Gas Washing Bottle with fritted disc, Our two-piece Gas Washing Bottles are an effective method for washing and drying gases. They contain a fritted disc that is centered and angled to provide the most efficient and uniform distribution of gas.

What is a gas washing bottle used for?
Gas washing bottles are typically used to saturate a liquid with a gas or a gas with another vapor. These graduated containers can also be used to precipitating elements from gas or dry gas streams.

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