Conical Seeds Bottle

◎These bottles are strong and chemical resistant. ◎The bottle mouth is at the bottom and the bottom is a flared base. ◎Fill the bottle with samples ,the bottom of the bottle with wooden corks or plastic stopper. ◎It is suitable for the placement of various granular and powdered materials.Such like Grain, seeds, tea.


product description

Product Code Capacity(ml) Diam. of Base (mm) Length(mm)
B20270125 125 63 120
B20270250 250 80 138
B20270500 500 93 162

High quality Conical seed bottle glass sample display bottle with stopper lab supplies 125ml 250ml 500ml
Suitable for storing a variety of particles and powder (such as cereal oil crop seeds, tea and powder, small granular chemical products),used for exhibition samples oragricultural chemical plants to store samples.

capital:125ml 250ml 500ml

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