Aspirator Bottles

◎The non-sterile bottle has a outside diameter (OD) bottom sidearm for use with flexible glass stopper and stopcock. ◎Clear or Amber ◎With Glass Stopper and Stopcock


product description

Aspirator Bottles Clear

Product CodeCapacity(ml)O.D. of Neck(mm)O.D. of lower Neck(mm)Height(mm)
B202410001000 ml3826202
B202425002500 ml4830270
B202450005000 ml5832345
B20241000010000 ml6835420
B20242000020000 ml8238500

Aspirator Bottles Amber

Product CodeCapacity(ml)O.D. of Neck(mm)O.D. of lower Neck(mm)Height(mm)
B202510001000 ml3826202
B202525002500 ml4830270
B202550005000 ml5832345
B20251000010000 ml6835420
B20252000020000 ml8238500

High-quality borosilicate 3.3 glass aspirator bottles are designed to store and dispense liquids in a classroom or laboratory.

Aspirator Bottles can be used for dispensing distilled water and other laboratory solutions. They are also used to separate sediment solids or suspended particles in liquid materials. The liquid is filled into the container. After some time, the heavier solid particles deposit at the bottom of the aspirator bottle and the stopcock is opened to release the liquid into a collection flask.

Aspirator Bottles 5L 10L 20L 25L 

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