Amber Media Lab Bottles Screw Cap

◎Bottles complete with polypropylene screw cap and drip-free pouring ring.
◎Complies with ISO 4796.
◎Manufactured from amber-coated borosilicate glass.
◎UV absorbent up to 500nm.
◎Ideal for storage of light sensitive materials.

product description

Product CodeCapacity(ml)Bottle Height
Body Diam.
Thread Size (mm)
B20030025257036GL 25
B20030050508846GL 32
B2003010010010056GL 45
B2003015015010562GL 45
B2003025025013870GL 45
B2003050050017686GL 45
B200310001000225101GL 45
B200320002000260136GL 45
B200330003000295160GL 45
B200350005000330181GL 45
B20031000010000410227GL 45
B20032000020000510300GL 45

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