Parts and accessories of rotary evaporator

Parts and accessories of rotary evaporator

1. Rotary motor: The evaporation bottle containing the sample is driven by the rotation of the motor. The machine or motor mechanism is used to quickly lift the evaporation bottle in the heating pot.

2. Evaporating tube: The evaporating tube has two functions: firstly, it ACTS as the rotating supporting axis of the sample; secondly, the vacuum system sucks out the sample through the evaporating tube.

3, vacuum system: used to reduce the pressure of the rotary evaporator system.

4. Fluid heating pot: Usually the sample is heated with water.

5. Condensing tube: use double snake condensation or other condensing agents such as dry ice and acetone to condense the sample.

6.Condensing sample collection bottle: the sample goes into the collection bottle after cooling.

Parts and accessories of rotary evaporator
C7: Flange connection of distillation flask
C22:29 plastic bayonet
C9: Glass interface for distillation bottle
C11: Feeding tube
C2: Four-way bottle
C22: 24-port plastic bayonet
C20: Stainless steel ball clamp
C3: Collect bottles
C4: Ball grinding collecting bottle
C5: Standard grinding opening for round bottom bottle
C6: Standard grinding opening for eggplant shaped bottle

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