Use of lab glassware

Organic experimental glassware can fall into two categories: standard grinding and general glassware according to the standard of its mouth plug and grinding. Since the standard grinding glassware can be connected to each other, their use is time-saving and strict and safe, and it will gradually replace the general glassware instruments. We should be handled

Laboratory glassware classification

According to internationally accepted standards, glassware and glass products used in laboratories are generally classified into the following eight categories: (1) Transportation and interception devices: including glass joints, interfaces, valves, plugs, tubes, rods, etc. (2) Containers: such as dishes, bottles, beakers, flasks, tanks, test tubes, etc. (3) Basic operating instruments and devices: for example, for

Common equipment maintenance regulations

First, electronic equipment a. Non-recurrent electronic equipments should be cleaned regularly, dusted, and regularly energized to prevent components from being damaged by moisture. b. Regularly perform part inspection and performance testingto understand the technical status and ensure that the equipment is always in good working condition. c. Equipment that uses a rechargeable battery to maintain

Use and cleaning of commonly used glassware in laboratories

Glassware are often used in various laboratories. Properly standardized use can reduce the life consumption of glassware and ensure the accuracy and precision of the experiment. Different Glassware have different methods of use. Cleaning work after the end of use is also very important . This article will introduce the use of three types commonly

Storage method of glassware

The storage of glass glassware should be classified into different categories for easy access. The following are some suggestions from WUBOLAB, a professional laboratory glassware manufacturer. The pipette should be placed in a dust-proof box after cleaned. The Laboratory burette is washed with pure water, filled with pure water, covered with a short glass test

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