Difference Between Glass Column and Pressurized Column


In modern society, people need to use a large number of glass products in their daily life, has been completely unable to get rid of glass. Glass has stable properties, strong resistance to acid and alkali, and is hard and durable. It is one of the raw materials for most important equipment. To learn more about glass chromatography columns and their types and differences, read this article.

Chromatographic column is the main body, in the gel chromatography technology commonly used glass tube or organic glass tubes. The diameter of the chromatography column size does not affect the degree of separation, sample amount is big, can increase the diameter of the column, and general preparation by gel column, larger than 2 cm in diameter, but in sample when the sample should be evenly distributed in the gel bed surface. In addition, the increase in diameter, elution liquid volume increases, the sample dilution degree.

Glass chromatography column, with large opening and fast feeding, does not need the cooperation of other instruments. The upper part can be made into standard mouth to connect with other standard mouth glass instruments. However, it is not easy to measure, and a lot of liquid is easily left under the screen.

Both ends of pressurized column chromatography, generally use PTFE materials, corrosion resistance, acid and alkaline resistance can also, in the middle of a glass material, organic glass materials, need to be combined with a peristaltic pump, speed up the chromatography, the pump will be expected to score, if there is no pump is used more troublesome. General laboratory are now using pressurized column chromatography.

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