How to choose laboratory glassware?

Organic-Chemistry kit

For the purchase of glassware, the following aspects can be mainly considered:

The material of glassware, the mainstream now is GG-17, which is borosilicate 3.3. This is relatively stable. The neutral materials used in the past are not so good.

The wall thickness of the glass instrument is related to the service life.

The size and number of bubbles. Generally speaking, no bubbles are the best. Or there are no more than 3 bubbles with a diameter of less than 2mm.

The production process of glassware, different laboratory glassware manufacturers, workmanship is not the same. Some manufacturers do not perform annealing operations, which seriously affects the service life.

Glassware for heating: Florence Flasks, Boiling Flasks, Glass Beaker, Test Tubes, Crucibles and so on

The main purpose of glassware for heating is to heat, so the wall thickness is required to be uniform, not too thin or too thick, so that it is good for heating. Reference manufacturer: WUBO  Glassware


Dish tube, bottle bucket: Dish tube mainly depends on its wall thickness and smoothness; bottle bucket mainly depends on its uniform wall thickness, fine frosted parts, and better sealing. Reference manufacturer: WUBOLAB  Glassware

The pieces of volumetric glassware found in the chemistry laboratory are beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks, graduated cylinders, pipets, burets and volumetric flasks.

The main purpose of the measuring device is to measure the solution, so it requires high accuracy, especially the graduated pipette, pipette pipette, burette, etc. These are divided into A and B grades. Reference manufacturer: WUBOLAB  Glassware


Complete set of instruments: Laboratory Glassware Kits, Organic Chemistry Glassware Kit Set

There are many types of complete sets of instruments, and there are many accessories, mainly depending on the fine workmanship and the thickness of the glass tube. The frosting is also very important! Reference manufacturer: WUBO  Glassware

Vacuum type: Vacuum Flasks (Dewar Flasks), Vacuum Filtration Apparatus, Vacuum Desiccators, Vacuum Distillation Apparatus, Vacuum Manifolds, Vacuum Tubes and Chambers, Vacuum Bell Jars, Vacuum Sealed Ampoules, Vacuum Trap, Schlenk Line Glassware

vacuum type instruments require frosting must be in place, and tightness must be good! Reference manufacturers: WUBO  Glassware

Sand core filters: the sand core and the glass are required to be welded well without water leakage. Reference manufacturer: WUBO  Glassware


Thermometer, float meter: accurate measurement is required! Good workmanship! Reference manufacturer: WUBO  Glassware

Matching latex and rubber products: the wall thickness of the product should not be too thin, and the pullability should be good! Reference manufacturer: WUBO  Glassware

After an analysis of glassware and a comparative analysis of different manufacturers, it can be concluded that unprofessional manufacturers are eliminated. Choosing a professional chemical laboratory equipment manufacturer can stabilize the supply of goods. hope this is helpful.

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